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Establishing an earthquake-proof manufacturing base

Humans cannot prevent an earthquake from occurring. However, advanced preparation can greatly reduce the extent of damage. DISCO is pursuing preventative measures to minimize earthquake damage, assuming an earthquake the size of the Kobe (1995) or Kanto (1923) earthquakes.
Kure Plant with seismic
base isolation structure
Kuwabata Plant with seismic
base isolation structure
Kure Plant Plant with seismic
base isolation structure
Head Office R&D Center with
seismic base isolation structure
Seismic base isolation structure

Earthquake proofing our manufacturing sites

The dicing blade (ZH series) manufacturing is carried out at two separate locations in Hiroshima- the Kure Plant and the Kuwabata Plant. Both plants are gradually replacing their current buildings; the new buildings use seismic base isolation structures to prevent earthquake damage to the furthest extent possible. The seismic base isolation structure reduces earthquake vibration, as illustrated, and is an extremely effective method to protect the manufacturing facilities from being critically damaged.
The Kure Plant, which is the main factory, is increasing the safety levels by moving the manufacturing lines one by one to the new building with seismic base isolation structure, completed in November 2007. Meanwhile, the current building, with earthquake resistant structure, that houses the grinding wheel manufacturing lines, has been assessed by a company specializing in earthquake risk evaluation, and has implemented facility reinforcement and other safety measures as advised. In February 2012, DISCO completed construction of an earthquake-proof building for dicing blade production at the Kure Plant, which made the entire Precision Processing Tooling production tower at the Kure Plant a seismic base isolation structure.

Backup production sites

While focusing on damage prevention, we are also establishing a system to ensure product supply in the remote chance that one of the factories is seriously damaged by an earthquake. In such a case, the other factory will take up the required manufacturing output and continue to supply Precision Processing Tooling to our customers. Further, we are considering our affiliate company DAIICHI Components’ Chino Plant to manufacture major Precision Processing Tooling products to allow for distributed manufacturing. The Chino Plant is in Nagano prefecture, 545 km away from the current Kure and Kuwabata plants, therefore, establishing an alternative manufacturing base at such a distance will further ensure a stable supply.
Moreover, in 2011, DISCO acquired a boat to be used to transport our products in the event of an anticipated disruption to the land transportation network in the event of a disaster.

Framework to ensure supplies of raw materials

DISCO has made arrangements with secondary suppliers in order to ensure a supply of the raw materials required for production even in the event of localized disaster in distant locations. In addition, we always maintain a continuous 6-months supply of specific critical raw materials are stocked in the automatic warehouse in the new seismic base isolated building at the Kure Plant.
Moreover, the water supply system used for production at the Kure Plant ensures multiple water sources to be prepared for unforeseeable circumstances.

Considering the influence on the customer production, the recovery time objective has been decided as follows.

Recovery Time Objective and Operation Capacity

Within 3 days after being affected by a disaster To start shipping of precision processing tooling, which are already completed and stocked internally, and to disclose on DISCO website the schedule for restarting the production and recovery from damage.
Within 7 days after being affected by a disaster Resume 50% of the normal production level, focusing on precision processing tooling.
Within 14 days after being affected by a disaster Resume 80% of the normal production level.
Within 30 days after being affected by a disaster To restore the production to the normal level.

Backup IT facilities at the Kure Plant

IT backup system

A particular focus is on the digitization and duplication of information data that is essential for the supply of products to customers. DISCO has established a backup information system to increase information security by completely duplicating the system, not just the data. Major computer systems are installed at both the Head Office R&D center in Tokyo and the Kure Plant in Hiroshima for duplication, with equivalent functions. Normally, the system in Tokyo is used, which is installed in a building with strong earthquake resistant structure. The servers are placed on a seismic base isolator, and the room is equipped with an emergency power generator and fire extinguishing facilities; however, in case it becomes difficult to run the system in Tokyo, we have a backup system to immediately start up the system in Hiroshima, and to switch operations. Data is constantly backed up and saved at both Hiroshima and Tokyo to prevent loss of information. To further ensure safety, we periodically perform switching tests and training for these computer systems.

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