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Organization Chart and List of Executives

Organization Chart
Organization Chart

Directors / Corporate Auditors
Hitoshi Mizorogi Chairman
Kazuma Sekiya Representative Director and President
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
General Manager, Engineering R&D Division
Hideyuki Sekiya Executive Director
Chief Safety Officer (CSO)
General Manager, Hiroshima Works
Takao Tamura Executive Director
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
General Manager, Corporate Support Division
Ichiro Inasaki Director (external)
Shinichi Tamura Director (external)
Tsutomu Mimata Corporate Auditor (external)
Tadao Takayanagi Corporate Auditor (external)
Tadahiko Kuronuma Corporate Auditor (external)
Yuusei Yamaguchi Corporate Auditor (external)
Operating Officers
Noboru Yoshinaga Senior Executive Operating Officer,
General Manager, Sales Division
Naoki Abe Operating Officer,
General Manager, Manufacturing Division
Kaoru Sekiya Operating Officer,
General Manager, Purchasing Division
Ryuji Norimoto Operating Officer,
General Manager, Asia Pacific Sales Division
Past leaders

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