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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Interaction with Suppliers

Suppliers Day
We hold an event called Suppliers Day that features a lecture and reception.
Inviting suppliers that we hold daily relations, we would like this to be an opportunity to understand more about DISCO through the lecture including market trends, our business strategies, and the issue of business continuity management.
Comment from a supplier
Mr. Satoi
At the Suppliers Day, I could have a face-to-face talk with a designer whom I have known only through the telephone and feel a bond with him more than before. I would like to strive for our growth together with DISCO.
Mr. Ikeda
Suppliers Day made me understand DISCO more deeply. Not only with personnel from the Purchasing Department, I talked with many other people. Especially, I found many things in common with manufacturing personnel about making things, so our conversation became very substantial. I would like to keep this good relationship.
Interaction of Inspectors
DISCO is working to enhance interaction with suppliers in order to raise the efficiency of inspections and share information on inspection related matters. In particular, we are planning to reduce the time it takes for acceptance inspections by sharing the information on key points related to inspections and on how to use various measuring devices.
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