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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Balancing Work and Private Life

Child-Rearing Assistance Programs
From April 2005, DISCO instituted a new Child-Rearing Assistance Program to enable employees to work with confidence while balancing job and child-rearing commitments. Providing support for child rearing (bringing up the children who will shoulder responsibility in the next generation) is a natural role for a company, which is a member of society. For DISCO, which has many female employees the creation of an environment conducive to balancing job and child-rearing commitments is absolutely vital to become a growing organization that increases the exchange of value.
Having employees with many experiences not only in work, but also in society and family life, is a strength as a diversifying organization. For that reason, there are a variety of support measures that we think are easy for female and male employees alike to adopt.
Support for Fertility Treatment
DISCO has expanded its definition of childcare support to extend the scope of child-rearing assistance measures, which had been limited to employees with children, to employees who want children but are having difficulty conceiving. This new program was instituted in fiscal 2007 and helps offset the cost of treatment in accordance with the criteria of the government’s special subsidy program for fertility treatment. Assistance in the form of 100,000 yen (max.) is provided up to twice a year for up to a five-year period.
Opening a daycare center inside the company
A daycare center has been opened inside the new building of the Head Office/R&D Center to facilitate the return to work of employees who have used childrearing leave or to enable them to continue working with full peace of mind.
This daycare is located on the second floor of the new building, which was completed in November 2008,and it has been in use since April 2009.
Efforts are being made to create the best possible programs and conditions for use of this facility through education provided by the professional nursery staff supplied by Poppins Corporation Ltd., preparation of hand-made meals by expert nutritionists, and prioritized authorization for commuting with car by daycare users.
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