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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

DISCO's Capacity Development

Concepts of DISCO's Capacity Development
With the diversification and increasing fluidity of employment patterns, it has become ever more important for employees to take personal responsibility to develop their abilities. "Employability" refers to the ability to be hired in the labor market and to continue employment within a company. DISCO has developed training programs that aim to create an environment in which every single employee takes personal responsibility to develop his/her abilities, and improve his/her employability.
Basic Policy on Capacity Development
1. Responsibility to the society and customers
2. Obligations as an employee
- Obligations as a member of DISCO
- Obligations as a manager
3. Support for career building through choice and personal responsibility
4. Strategic development at an early stage
Rather than have employees depend on the company to provide opportunities for education and training, DISCO offers the chance for each employee to become a person who can deal with change and take personal responsibility to develop his or her own employability.
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