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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Developing and Utilizing Human Resources

Providing Opportunities for Reemployment
Personnel with extensive experience and technical skills are invaluable to DISCO. People over 60 who are healthy and want to continue working can make use of a reemployment system up to the age of 65.
DISCO gives presentations on the reemployment system to employees when they reach 58. In order to have them think about their plans following retirement, we not only provide a detailed explanation of the system including its procedures and treatment, but also explain pensions and support measures available in the case of compulsory retirement at the retirement age.
DISCO also runs seminars for employees when they turn 55 to get them thinking about potential future work formats and lifestyle options.
Hiring People with Disabilities
DISCO actively hires people with disabilities. Besides the introduction from Hellowork (run by the Employment Security Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), we conduct several recruiting activities including the participation in an annual joint interview session for the disabled, recruitment of trainees from Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities and recruitment of recommended personnel from nearby schools for the disabled.
At Hiroshima Works, we are working to create conditions that make working as easy as possible for people with disabilities. When the people with mental disabilities start at the company, a job coach support system is utilized to help them adjust to their new jobs. In addition, we support them in commuting using a courtesy bus and also encourage them to participate in the Abilympics (competition for people with disabilities featuring events based on vocational skills).
Switching Career Paths
DISCO believes that the responsibilities and goals expected of employees should be clear and that salaries should be allocated based on impartial assessments acceptable to the person involved in line with his or her abilities and experience.
To make this a reality, the company clearly stipulates multiple occupational courses.
When an employee first enters the company, an occupational course such as "managerial", "technical", "clerical" or "special" is determined based on compatibility, but sometimes employees end up wanting to switch to a different occupational course at a later date to better reflect their career or life plans. Based on these demands, we provide "Program for Switching Career Paths" so that to flexibly accommodate employees who wish to change their occupational courses in order to help ensure each and every employee derives motivation and meaning from their work.
Internal Recruiting and Free Agents
DISCO has an internal recruiting program and "free agent" (FA) program. These programs are for supporting the career plans of each and every employee by promoting autonomous career development, ensuring that the right personnel is placed in the right position and bringing vitality to the organization.
With the internal recruiting program, a department looking for new personnel makes an internal recruiting announcement with the required experience, capabilities and conditions to work in that department and screen personnel from among the applicants.
The FA program allows all employees to promote their careers and skills to a specific department where each employee wants to be transferred to. If negotiation reaches an agreement, transferring to another department will be approved.
Employee Satisfaction Survey
DISCO carries out an Employee Satisfaction Survey every year in order to provide even better work environments for its employees. The survey investigates points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the employees including those working at local affiliates overseas. The survey results are reported back to all employees and are utilized in enlivening the workplace and in managing personnel development.
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