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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Health and Safety Initiatives

Health and safety is one of DISCO's top priorities. For that reason, we have established Principles of Health and Safety in order to prevent accidents and disasters, and to enable employees to live healthy and safe lives. We are continuing to promote initiatives in this area.
Principles of Safety and Health
Principles of Safety and Health
Safety and health principles clarify the direction of individual and corporate actions, for the purpose of preventing accidents and disasters as well as protecting our health.

1. Safety and health are among our top priorities.
2. Protection of safety and health concerns not only our employees but also all people*1 involved with our products and services.
3. From "zero accidents" to "zero risk"
4. We must, naturally, comply with all laws and regulations; but we aim to go beyond that level.
5. Safety and health outside working hours*2 are also important.
6. We should always be conscious of safety and health.
7. Any deficiency in safety or health is to be immediately corrected.
8. Even in case of emergencies, we try our best to avoid all risks in order to accomplish our mission*3
9. When you sense any danger, you should immediately stop your work and wait until you are totally satisfied about the safety and health conditions to restart your work.
10. When you are in a new situation, sufficient study and full preparation are needed.
*1 All people means everybody who manufactures, uses, or maintains our products.
Thus, customers and suppliers are also included.
*2 Outside working hours means commuting and break time.
When you drive to work or for business, you are required to drive safely. We also encourage you to place first priority to safety and health even when off-duty or on holiday.
*3 We should not easily abandon our mission in order to protect our safety and health.
We need to mobilize every possible means to both accomplish our mission, and at the same time, protect our safety and health. However, in case there is no way to avoid risk, we should, also, have the courage to abandon our mission.
Creating Safe Workplace
"Zero Accident" Campaign
DISCO started its "Zero Accident" campaign in fiscal 2004, with the aim of eliminating accidents and having health and safety take root in our corporate culture. More specifically, this focuses on reducing risks specific to each division that lead to accidents, zero traffic accident exercises, safety training and fire-prevention activities.

Driving safety seminar
Safety Training
In order to achieve zero accidents it is absolutely vital to raise safety awareness of each and every employee. To this end, DISCO provides safety training.
Recently, particular focus has been on safety training for customer engineers when they carry out service maintenance. DISCO provides a consistent level of safety training at all its domestic and overseas local affiliates.
DISCO is continuing initiatives to achieve zero accidents throughout the entire group.

Equipment maintenance safety seminar
OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
Hiroshima Works, which is the base of manufacturing for DISCO, acquired OHSAS 18001certification in 2004. The certification was returned by DISCO in 2013. Under the standard, we found the growth of safety awareness among employees had reached a suitable level, and with our continued commitment towards maintaining and improving the system established based on OHSAS18001, we will declare self-compliance with the standard. We will continue to improve our internal auditing and continue the operation of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
In regards to the overseas affiliates, the same certification was acquired by DISCO HI-TEC (SINGAPORE) in 2007, and by DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE GmbH in 2008 (returned in 2016). In 2009, DISCO HI-TEC CHINA CO., LTD. received the Chinese standard "GB/T 28001-2001", which conforms to "OHSAS".
DISCO HI-TEC CHINA CO., LTD. received in 2009 the Chinese standard "GB/T 28001-2001" which conformed to "OHSAS".
OHSAS 18001 Certifications / GB/T 28001-2001
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Creating Healthy Workplace
Occupational Health System
Based on the concept that considerations for the environment, health, and safety (EHS) are connected to all corporate activities, in DISCO, industrial doctors, psychosomatic physicians, and public health nurses support our employees so that each employee can increase their health literacy and manage their own health. Furthermore, we collaborate with employers, health insurance associations, and occupational health staff members and make efforts as an organization for health management to improve employees’ health.
Company Efforts for Health
Excellence in Personal Wellbeing
In fiscal 2015, DISCO conducted activities for the topic “Excellence in Personal Wellbeing.” Employees gained knowledge in understanding their health checkups by participating in study sessions on how to read health checkup results, which were provided by public health nurses, and by taking a test on “Excellence in Personal Wellbeing.” In addition, items to be improved were picked up by each employee from the examination items related to lifestyle illnesses in order to improve their lifestyle habits.
Better Health through Team Competition
In fiscal 2016, DISCO employees worked in teams to achieve “Excellence in Personal Wellbeing” by conducting activities for the topic “Better Health through Team Competition.” By organizing a team, employees improved their health while providing encouragement to each other. In this fiscal year, we will make our efforts for “Better Health through Team Competition” more active by conducting activities such as presenting our own methods for improving health and measuring our BMI every week, further increasing our health awareness.
Mental Health Care
DISCO places importance not only on physical health, but also on mental health. In addition to annual stress checkups, DISCO also provides consultations with industrial doctors and public health nurses, and counseling by psychosomatic physicians.
Mr. Katsuya Morishita
Contract psychiatrist
"Early detection of mental illness is just as important"
The number of mental illnesses has been increasing rapidly in the last decade. Mental illnesses are no longer rare, but are now illnesses that everyone is at risk of developing. Early discovery is just as important for mental illnesses as it is for physical illnesses. If you or the people around you show even the slightest of symptoms, I recommend consulting with your supervisors and mental health experts.

Please feel free to visit me anytime.
Antismoking Measures
As part of our antismoking measures, DISCO held a “No Smoking Derby.” In this activity, DISCO employees who wanted to quit smoking made a declaration to quit smoking while other employees became their supporters, providing encouragement and cheering for them. By doing so, the challengers were able to face the task of quitting smoking with optimism, and 92% of the participants successfully quit smoking in fiscal 2016.
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