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Top Message

A new record has been achieved in consumable sales. Sales for the first half of the fiscal year were the second highest recorded.

Business Environment and Performance
Despite the slight decrease in investment activities by semiconductor and electronic component companies in the first half of FY2018, investments remained at a relatively high level.
Within this business environment, despite there not being any large-volume sales of precision processing equipment as in the previous fiscal year, the precision processing needs has been increasing in various fields including memory applications and the volume of shipments has remained high. Furthermore, due to the steady increase in demand proportionate to the high operation rate of semiconductor manufacturers and increase in the world’s semiconductor production amount, precision processing tool (consumable) sales have further expanded while setting new records.
Profit and loss decreased due to negative repercussions of the high sales record from the previous fiscal year. However, R&D activities will be promoted proactively in consideration of long-term goals, instead of being controlled by short-term performance.
Regarding interim dividends, based on the dividend policy, DISCO plans to distribute 114 yen per share due to performance-based dividends.

Business forecast
It is thought that customer need for advanced Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku technologies will continue to expand as the demand for semiconductors and electronic components such as next-generation communication 5G, self-driving technology, medical fields, data center applications, and more increase. For this reason, as well as construction of Zone C at Kuwabata Plant, Hiroshima, which will be completed at the end of January 2019, further expansion will be started for Zone D in September of the same year.
In addition, expansion of Chino Plant, Nagano has been considered for use as a second manufacturing site.
In addition to maintaining a focus on cultivating a high quality corporate culture, we will continue to make systems and implement evolution and improvement activities through which each employee can think and take action.
We ask for your continued support and encouragement in the year ahead.

December 2018
Kazuma Sekiya, President, CEO and COO

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