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Related Products

DISCO offers high-quality frames and cassettes, and an additive for cutting water to satisfy a wide variety of dicing and grinding needs.

Cutting Water Additives for Dicing
By adding these to cutting water for dicing, the particle adhesion and corrosion of the bonding pad can be prevented.
StayClean-R DWR compatible version of StayClean-F
StayClean-F Prevents pad corrosion and particle adhesion.
StayClean-A Effectively prevents the particle adhesion on a wafer.
(Resin film, metal film, glass)
StayClean Injector StayClean device for advanced concentration control of the additive
Additive for cutting water - StayClean-F -

HogoMax, a water-soluble protective film
HogoMax, a water-soluble protective film contributes to the improvement in reliability of devices, when applied to the processing surface before laser processing, by greatly reducing adhesion of debris.
Type Line-up Viscosity
HogoMax003 -15 65cP (standard type)
-10 217.5cP (high-viscosity type)
HogoMax002 60cP 60cP (undiluted solution)
16.5cP 16.5cP (1.5:1 dilution)
8.0cP 8.0cP (2:1 dilution)
3.8cP 3.8cP (3:1 dilution)
*Caution when using protective films other than HogoMax

Tape Frames
Tape frames hold the wafer or other workpiece during dicing. Tape Frames
Frame Size Wafer Diameter Type Part Numbers. Frame size (mm) Material Remarks
Outside Diameter Min. Outer Diameter Inside Diameter
ø5 inch ø4 inch DTF2-5-1 MEDFNB29 168.2 - 146 Resin Square
ø5 inch DTF2-5 MDTFR125-01 195 190 165 Stainless steel Round
ø6 inch DTF2-6 MDTFR125-02 214 195 175 Stainless steel Standard type
ø6 inch DTF2-6-1 MDTFR150-02 228 212.5 194 Resin  
DTF2-6-1 MDTFR150-03 228 212 194 Stainless steel Standard type
ø8 inch ø8 inch DTF2-8-1 MDTFR200-04 296 276 250 Stainless steel Standard type
215x132 DTFS215-01 MDTFS215-01 296 276 - Stainless steel For square chuck table
ø12 inch ø12 inch DTF2-12 MDTFR300-05 400 380 350 Stainless steel 1.5 mm thick
DTF2-12-1 MDTFR300-06 400 380 350 Stainless steel 1.2 mm thick
250x250 DTFS250-02 MDTFS250-02 400 380 - Stainless steel 1.5 mm thick
*For details of part numbers, please contact your DISCO service representative.
*Orders in single units is possible.
Reference: Frame Size

Dicing Cassettes
Dicing cassettes contain the tape frames and workpieces before and after processing. Dicing Cassettes
Size Part numbers. Size (mm) Number
of slot
Material / Treatment Remarks
Width Depth Height
ø5 inch MDTC-100-01 178 171.5 143 25 Aluminum /
Black alumite
For MEDFNB29 (DTF2-5-1)
MDTC-125-01 203 195 143 25 For MDTFR125-01 (DTF2-5)
MDTC-125-02 203 198 143 25 For DTF2-6/1-way specification
MDTC-125-03 203 198 143 25 For DTF2-6/2-way specification
ø6 inch MDTC-150-01 222 212 143 25 Aluminum /
Black alumite
For DTF2-6-1/1-way specification
MDTC-150-02 222 212 143 25 For DTF2-6-1/2-way specification
MDTC-150-03 240 212 143 25 Polypropylene For DTF2-6-1 (5 pcs. in 1 set)
ø8 inch MDTC-200-01 288 276 188.8 25 Aluminum /
Black alumite
For DTF2-8-1/1-way specification
MDTC-200-04 288 276 112.55 13 For DTF2-8-1/1-way specification
MDTC-200-02 288 276 188.75 25 For DTF2-8-1/2-way specification
ø12 inch MDTC-300-01 390 386 182 13 Aluminum /
Black alumite
For DTF2-12/1-way specification
MDTC-300-02 390 386 182 13 For DTF2-12/1-way specification corresponding to the kinematic coupling
MDTC-300-03 390 386 302 25 For DTF2-12/1-way specification corresponding to the kinematic coupling
For details of part numbers, please contact your DISCO service representative.

Grinding Cassettes
DISCO's special double-slotted grinding cassettes hold wafers safely both before and after they are ground ultra-thin.
(DISCO does not offer standard grinding cassettes.)
Special (double slot) cassette for thin wafers ø 8” 7-slot
ø 300 mm 7-slot
Grinding Cassettes
Special (double slot) cassette
(for ø 8”, 7-slot)
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