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Line up of Dicing Saw Microscopes
We prepare microscopes for the customer's various needs which include complex alignment targets, expansion or shrinkage of the workpiece.

Microscopes installed on dicing saws are of two types, the macro microscope and the micro microscope.

Macro microscope characteristics
- Most of DISCO dicing saws are equipped with the macro microscope as an option.
- It is easy to adjust the θ and to find the alignment target because you are be able to check in a wide field of view.

Micro microscope characteristics
- All DISCO dicing saws are equipped with the micro microscope as standard.
- It is possible to check the wafer in detail, as the pattern is greatly magnified.

Advantages of using both macro and micro microscopes
- A reduction in alignment time
It is possible to handle using the macro microscope when the wafer position is deviated.
First, roughly adjust alignment using the macro microscope, which makes it easy to align with the micro microscope.
- Improved operatbility
It is possible to check a wide range of workpieces using the macro microscope so it is easy to find the alignment target.
After finding the target using the macro microscope, by changing to the micro microscope, it is possible to check the workpiece in detail.
Reference (DAD3350)
Macro microscope
Macro microscope
Micro microscope
Micro microscope

Please select the microscope that matches the workpiece target size and characteristics.
The Application R&D Department conducts test cuts at no charge.


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