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Applications Example

Stable Grinding of 6-inch AlTiC Wafers
Stable grinding is now possible for the 6-inch AlTiC wafers used in the HDD head substrate and other components.

Process Example
Selection of optimum grinding conditions and wheel type enables stable grinding of a 6-inch wafer, which is a large size for AlTiC.
Fig. 1 shows the wafer thickness dispersion when grinding a 6-inch AlTic wafer.
Fig. 1: Wafer Thickness Dispersion Fig. 2: Thickness Measurement Positions
Fig. 3 shows the surface roughness of an AlTiC wafer that has undergone finish grinding by a #3000 wheel.
Fig. 3: AlTiC 6-inch #3000 Wheel Finish
Fig. 4 shows the results when the above wafer is measured by AFM.
Fig. 4: AFM Measurement Results


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