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Applications Example

Features of the New UltraPoligrind wheel
DISCO has developed the UltraPoligrind (Photo 1) as a new solution for the silicon wafer thinning process.

Process Example
UltraPoligrind is a new grinding wheel with fixed abrasive grains that realizes an ultrafine finish.
It maintains die strength and a sufficient gettering effect* during the silicon wafer thinning process.

* The gettering effect is a mechanism that moves crystal defects and contamination into the silicon wafer bulk or backside to capture and immobilize the impurities at these gettering sites.
Photo 1: UltraPoligrind
Compared to our previous Poligrind wheel, the UltraPoligrind has a depth of damage that is about half that of the Poligrind to maintain die strength and a sufficient gettering effect.
  UltraPoligrind Poligrind Dry Polish
Depth of damage
Surface roughness
As for die strength (based on the ball-bending test), approximately the same minimum values as those of the standard dry polish method were obtained for stress relief. (Fig. 1)
Fig. 1: Die Strength Graph


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