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Customer Satisfaction

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Enhancement

DISCO employs these mechanisms to support and enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Enhancement
At DISCO, Customer Satisfaction consists of two main elements: the efforts of individual employees and the management structure that helps to channel these efforts.

Both elements are necessary to achieve CS excellence, and DISCO strives to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

CS Cycle
The CS Cycle is the basic mechanism of DISCO's Customer Satisfaction enhancement program. Survey, Planning, and Execution-with Confirmation of results at every stage-compose this never-ending sequence of CS support and improvement.
In order to truly understand customers' needs, DISCO believes that seeing our activities objectively through the Survey process is essential.

Just as a mirror can provide essential feedback to dancers or martial artists practicing their craft, so can the voice of the customer serve as feedback upon which to base our future CS enhancement efforts.

Personnel Development
DISCO believes that in order to enhance Customer Satisfaction, the effort of each employee is essential.

For this reason, DISCO emphasizes employee CS education. The Customer Satisfaction Seminar is held regularly at a corporate-wide level, and individual divisions conduct meetings and study groups to enhance the employees' awareness of this important issue.
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Customer Satisfaction


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