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Improvement Activities

Product Service Work Structure
Promotion of New Process Development
DISCO is enthusiastically working to develop new Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku technologies such as the TAIKO process, dicing applications based on ultrasonic waves and laser applications. Also, DISCO is continuously providing mechanisms to improve productivity such as the auto-blade changer.
Green Product Guideline
DISCO established the "Green Product Guideline" in March 2004. It promotes product manufacturing that aims to reduce the burden on the environment in the life-cycle of the product.
Shortening lead times for blades and grinding wheels
In response to requests for shorter blade and grinding wheel lead times, DISCO has reengineered—from order to shipment—its entire process of supplying special-specification samples. As a result, the average time to shipment has been reduced from 13.8 to 9.8 days. Further, according to survey results, customers perceive sample lead times as having been reduced by 2.56 days.
In addition, DISCO is converting the production process for standard specification blades and wheels to a new "pull" system, which is expected to reduce regular blade lead times by a significant amount.
Improving software reliability and function
In response to requests for improved software reliability, DISCO has improved its pre-shipment software inspection protocol. This improved system has reduced software issues at the time of shipment by 61.5% (compared to the previous year). Further, DISCO is currently implementing an initiative to improve software function.
Customer Satisfaction

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