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Systems to maintain and improve BCM

Business Continuity Management Activities

DISCO began conducting BCM activities in 2003. Since then, we have implemented a large number of preventative measures to preserve and improve our BCM on an ongoing basis. With the purpose of further promoting our BCM activities, in May 2015, DISCO created a business continuity management system (BCMS) which meets the ISO22301 BCM international standards. We were the first company to acquire this certification in Japan, and one of the first in the world. We continue to utilize this management system, and strive to improve our business continuity plan (BCP) and increase its effectiveness.

Main Efforts to Promote Our Business Continuity Management Activities

We strive to promote our BCM activities in accordance with the activities established by our BCMS.
(1) BCM activity review conducted by corporate management Once a month
(2) Drills and training in accordance with our yearly plan Once a month
(3) Internal audit Once a year
(4) ISO22301 certification audit by an external organization Once a year
Note: Please contact us for any inquiries about ISO22301 certification.

What is ISO22301?

A global standard issued by the ISO to ensure business continuity management (BCM). Its objective is to enable businesses to continue and quickly recover should a latent threat to an enterpriseā€™s business continuity (such as natural disasters, e.g., earthquakes or typhoons, as well as outbreaks of new strains of influenza or other infectious disease, acts of terrorism, or system failures) become a reality.

BCMS range of application
Registered entities : DISCO Corporation Head Office, Kure Plant, Kuwabata Plant
Scope of certificate registration : Production and supply of precision processing tools (dicing blades, grinding wheels, dry polishing wheels)
- In the future, we plan to expand the range of our BCMS compliance by degrees and steadily increase our level of business continuity.

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