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Building Emergency Procedures

DISCO is establishing a system in case of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, and unknown infectious diseases, such as a new-type influenza, so that customers can continue to use DISCO equipment and tools with security of supply and support. The following will explain the policy and the latest situation regarding this system.
For disasters such as an earthquake
Japan, the location of the DISCO head office and manufacturing factories, is a country that has many earthquakes. DISCO is firstly preparing for a disaster based on a large earthquake that will ensure customers can continue to use DISCO products with security. In an acute emergency situation, the items that should be clarified are stated below and they focus on management resources for recovery measures.

1) Ensure the safety of employees
2) Contribute to the local community
3) Maintain the supply of consumable products
4) Maintain equipment servicing and maintain the supply of parts

DISCO is developing Business Continuity Management (BCM) to establish a system that will "maintain the supply of necessary products and services to sustain customer's current manufacturing volume" for when a major earthquake occurs. The policy will also develop systems for other threats in addition to earthquakes.

In response to the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which sustained damage after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 2011, DISCO has been conducting radiation level checks on all Precision Processing Equipment to be shipped overseas since May 2011. The radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant poses no risk to DISCO products, however, we have decided to perform radiation measurements voluntarily in order to reassure out customers.

For new-type influenza
DISCO has been taking measures against the spread of new-type influenza since June 2008. Viewing a new influenza pandemic as an emergency that can affect our production system, we are undertaking various efforts including establishment of countermeasure levels independently set by DISCO according to the situation of influenza spread, work-from-home simulations and raising of the risk awareness of our employees.

Preparations for a disaster and an infectious disease can never be perfect. Therefore it is necessary to make continuous improvements. DISCO, led by the BCM committee, which consists of company directors, is trying to continually improve our readiness. Based on this, DISCO is aiming for the "establishment of disaster-proof corporate culture" so customers can use DISCO equipment and tools with greater security of supplies and support.

Establishing an earthquake-proof manufacturing base
DISCO is pursuing extensive preventative measures to minimize damage in the event of a major earthquake.

Preparing for a new type influenza pandemic
DISCO group as a whole is preparing for new influenza, aiming at the following goals; "Not to let even a single employee become infected," "not to spread the infection if any employee becomes infected" and "to establish a system for business continuity to meet the situation".

Customer support system in an emergency
In the event that one of our offices that offer customer support is badly affected by a natural disaster, systems are in place to allow other branch offices in other areas to perform their functions.

Preparing people for a disaster
In addition to earthquake-resistant buildings, it is important to have employees who are trained to respond in a disaster. In an emergency situation such as a large earthquake, people cannot instantly think and act rationally. For this reason, DISCO thinks training that involves actual experience is important.

Systems to maintain and improve BCM
DISCO is developing a management system based on our ISO22301:2012 certification in order to maintain and continuously improve BCM.
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