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Preparing for a new type influenza pandemic

For a new type influenza, the DISCO Group as a whole has established the response systems in accordance with the pandemic levels originally determined, aiming at the following goals: Not to let even a single employee become infected; Not to spread the infection if any employee becomes infected; and To establish a system for business continuity to meet the situation.
The BCM Committee and the countermeasures office are jointly preparing to minimize the impact on our business in case of a pandemic outbreak, even taking high-virulent influenza into consideration, through measures such as the establishment of "pandemic levels" independently set, stockpiling of prevention items and work-from-home simulations. In addition, DISCO has developed a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for critical products based on the assumption of a new-type influenza pandemic.
    DISCO's preparedness considering high-virulent influenza
  • Independently set pandemic risk levels
  • Making influenza prevention a part of our corporate culture
      DISCO’s policy on infectious diseases is based on preventing employees from becoming infected, and ensuring that disease does not spread within the company. In order to ensure this is kept true, employees follow these practices as part of their daily routines:
    • Daily temperature checks
    • Disinfecting hands as they enter company buildings
    • Information recorded on cases of influenza among employees
    • Masks must be worn for a set period after onset of influenza symptoms. Different colored masks are also used for visual distinction.
    • DISCO is continually preparing for the unexpected by anchoring these practices among each and every employee.
  • Prevention items
    • Stockpiling of masks, mouthwashes and antiseptics, etc. at the company
    • Distribution of prevention item sets to employees
  • Simulations and trainings
    • Work-from-home simulations
      - Random employees actually work from home to identify potential problems.
      - Creation of an IT environment that enables employees to work from home.
    • New-type influenza seminar for all employees
    • Commuting and working simulation based on the assumption of a pandemic
    • Correspondence training that assumes the sudden illness patient's generation
New-type influenza seminar Prevention kits distributed
to employees
Simulations based on the
assumption of a pandemic
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