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Preparing people for a disaster

Drills for all employees

In addition to earthquake-resistant buildings, it is important to have employees who are trained to respond in a disaster. In an emergency situation such as a large earthquake, people cannot instantly think and act rationally.
For this reason, DISCO thinks training that involves actual experience is important. The Earthquake! Get out!! project, started in 2007, and aimed to drill employees with emergency evacuation techniques. This was not just routine escape training. The project team thoroughly researched the ideal escape procedure utilizing the Earthquake Early Warning system, and performed tests with an earthquake simulator to create a tailored escape procedure, and repeated thorough drills where all employees participated. During the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, members of staff at the Head Office R&D Center were able to evacuate to a safe location quickly, as well as give instructions to visitors, which is testament to effectiveness of the frequent earthquake drills and simulations performed at DISCO.
DISCO also started drills from the Head Office in 2009 for Earthquake! Hold Tight! based on the assumption of inland earthquakes, which are hard to detect by the Earthquake Early Warning system so as to be considered to have a less margin for escape time. During these drills, testing using an earthquake simulator was repeated to obtain the optimal postures to hold tight at respective locations. Using an earthquake simulation vehicle, which can recreate an inland earthquake three-dimensionally, all the employees experienced these postures, and such experiences also provide opportunities for them to be aware of risks surrounding them in normal conditions.

Earthquake! Get out!! training Escape test using earthquake simulator Employees evacuating after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Drills for the disaster response personnel

Simulation training by the Disaster Response Task Force
The disaster response personnel, who are to take immediate action in case of an earthquake, are continuing with further trainings. To be able to confidently take the initiative in the initial operation, they are going through 18 courses consisting of classroom lectures and hands-on trainings, including regular training in emergency first aid, CPR training, and firefighting training by qualified employees. Emergency contingency personnel are resident at the company dormitory, allowing prompt action in the event of an earthquake. The Disaster Response Task Force conducts an annual comprehensive disaster simulation to evaluate the training results, and to further improve them. In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Task Force took the lead in confirming the extent of damage, and assisting those unable to return home by organizing places to stay at the office as well as making available company cars to drive employees home.

Lifesaving training

Through initiatives such as promoting first aid and advanced lifesaving certifications for staff, DISCO has focused on creating a workplace where our employees can work with peace of mind.
A total of 252 DISCO employees have completed lifesaving certifications organized by local fire stations (as of March 2012). DISCO gained recognition in September 2011 for these achievements in the form of a certificate of commendation from the head of the Tokyo Fire Department.

Nurturing a culture that promotes awareness of natural disasters

The facilities are not the only important factor in earthquake-proofing the manufacturing bases. It is equally important to cultivate a "disaster-proof culture", by encouraging each individual to think about disaster and to raise their disaster awareness. An original novella "The day DISCO quaked" was published in-house. The continuations of the earthquake novella, "The door guiding into tomorrow" and "Cloud in the summer" has greatly contributed to raising disaster awareness by enabling employees to visualize an emergency situation, in a creative way.

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