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1956-1964 Specialization in precision abrasives

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Japan's first ultra-thin resinoid abrasive wheel developed (thickness 0.13 - 0.14 mm, diameter 100 mm); used to slit fountain pen nibs; mass production begun.
New plant constructed in Hiro-machi, Kure City (current Kure Plant); cutting wheel division of Aga Plant relocated to this new facility.
Company reorganized as a joint-stock corporation.

During the 1950s and 1960s, DISCO was a busy company. In 1956 DISCO developed an abrasive wheel just 140 micrometers (1 µm = 1/1000 mm) thick to cut slits in fountain pen nibs. An executive at the Japanese fountain pen company had, on a trip to Europe, seen a similar process and immediately turned to DISCO for help. Then in 1960, during the transistor boom, DISCO abrasives were used to groove and otherwise process electronic tube glass, ceramics, silicon, ferrite, magnetic resisters, and a variety of other materials, making DISCO's name well known in the electronics industry.

TOP 1937-1955 1965-1974


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