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1975-1984 Manufacturing of precision machinery

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Company History Product History
Automatic Scriber/Dicing Saw DAD-2H developed and acclaimed a hit when exhibited at SEMICON West.
Company name changed to DISCO ABRASIVE SYSTEMS, LTD.
NBC-Z blade developed.
World's first fully automatic dicing saw, DFD-2H/S, developed.
Received the 1979 Grand Prix at the Good Company Award from the Medium and Small Business Reserch Institue.
New rotary surface grinder DFG-83H/6, developed.
Market dominated, with 1,000 DISCO dicing saws in operation at 140 companies in Japan and 140 companies in 28 countries overseas. DISCO awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Texas Instruments for excellence of equipment and technical service.
NBC-ZH hub blade developed.
Precision machine maintenance subsidiary DISCO GIKEN (now DISCO ENGINEERING SERVICE) established.
Sales of TURBOCUT dry diamond cut-off wheels
New head office building built in Ota Ward, Tokyo; registered address transferred to this location.
Kenichi Sekiya was appointed Executive Vice President.
Large-diameter diamond cut-off wheels for cutting road surfaces begun.

Then, seven years after the launch of Micron-Cut, a DISCO R&D team, under the leadership and guidance of Shinji Sekiya (Executive Director at the time), developed the DAD-2H, the precursor to the modern-day dicing saw. Debuting at SEMICON West in Silicon Valley, the machine was kept running continuously during the show and quickly gained a reputation for high-quality and unstoppability.

In less than 40 years, DISCO had transformed itself from a small abrasives shop to a leading manufacturer of advanced diamond products and precision machines for the electronics and semiconductor industries. In 1977, Dai-Ichi Seitosho Co., Ltd. took the D, I, S, and CO in its name and became DISCO Abrasives Systems, Ltd., a name that reflected its new and modern approach to technology.

TOP 1965-1974 1985-1995


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