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September 3, 2007
Construction of New Buildings to Improve BCM Readiness
DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Hitoshi Mizorogi) has decided to construct two new buildings by investing a total of 12.5 billion yen at the Kuwabata Plant, where precision processing machines and precision processing tools are manufactured, and at the Chino Plant (Nagano prefecture) of DAIICHI Components, a subsidiary of DISCO Corporation. The investment will be totally self-financed.
* BCM is an abbreviation of the Business Continuity Management policy. To fulfill its supply responsibilities as a manufacturer, DISCO established this policy in 2003 to actively strengthen its readiness for business continuity in the case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster.
Kuwabata Plant
At the Kuwabata Plant, part of an existing manufacturing building will be demolished and a new building, to manufacture procession processing equipment and internally made parts, will be constructed. This will improve BCM readiness, invest in future demand expansion** and improve efficiency by consolidating the manufacturing site.
** By constructing this new building, it secures future production space. This is because there will be no more surplus land on the plant premises when a new manufacturing building (announced in August 2006), which is currently under construction, is completed.
<kuwabata plant new building construction plan>
Purpose : To increase efficiency, such as distribution, by improving BCM readiness, investing in future demand expansion, and consolidating the current precision processing equipment manufacturing building and internally made parts manufacturing site (Nagatani Plant) into the new building.
Building structure : Earthquake-absorbing structure
Total floor area : Approximately 66,000 m2 (seven stories above ground)
Total amount of investment : 10 billion yen
Construction start : July 2008
Construction completion : Summer 2009
Other : With the construction of the new building, the available space will be used to strengthen the manufacturing capacity for future demand expansion.
Chino Plant
At the Chino Plant, the new building will replace the degraded existing manufacturing building to consolidate the currently dispersed departments and improve work efficiency. BCM will be taken into account and an earthquake-absorbing structure will be employed in the new building.
<Chino Plant New Building Construction Plan>
Purpose : To improve work efficiency and BCM readiness
Building Structure : Earthquake-absorbing structure
Total floor area : Approximately 19,800 m2 (five stories above ground, one story below ground)
Total amount of investment : 2.5 billion yen
Construction start : July 2008
Construction completion : Summer 2009
Note: The selection of the construction company for both new buildings has been narrowed down to one company. The discussions are currently in the final adjustment phase.
Earnings Forecast for FY2007
This investment plan will not affect the figures of our FY2007 consolidated earnings forecast.
Contact: Keizo Sekiya
Phone: 81-3-4590-1099

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