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May 11, 2011

DISCO Announces a Dividend Payment for Fiscal Year 2010

DISCO Corporation (hereafter the Company) today announced that its Board of Directors adopted a resolution on the dividend payment for its retained earnings whose record date is March 31, 2011.

1. Dividend for FY2010
Resolved Previous forecast
(Announced on February 7, 2011)
Results of the previous term
(term ended March 31, 2009)
Base date March 31, 2011 March 31, 2011 March 31, 2010
Dividend per share 40 yen 36 yen 10 yen
Total amount of dividend 1,347 million yen - 336 million yen
Effective date June 24, 2011 - June 25, 2010
Source of dividend Earned surplus - Earned surplus
2. Year-end dividend for FY2010
To improve the transparency of the Company's stance prioritizing the return of profits to shareholders, the dividend payout ratio is set at 20% of the consolidated net income. However, notwithstanding this net income linked-benchmark, the Company will strive to maintain an annual dividend payment of not less than 20 yen per share as a stable base dividend.
Based on the above policy, the year-end dividend payment per share for FY2010 is 40 yen (65 yen for the year).
This proposal will be made at meeting of the 72nd ordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held on June 24, 2011.

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