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Preliminary Report on Non-Consolidated Sales Figures and Shipment Figures
(Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2019)

DISCO Corporation today released a preliminary report of the non-consolidated sales figures and shipment figures for the second quarter (2Q) of fiscal year 2019.

Quarterly Non-consolidated Sales Figures for Fiscal Year 2019
(Millions of yen)
1Q 2Q 1H 3Q 4Q 2H Full Year
Fiscal Year 2019 27,694 29,715 57,410 - - - -
At the beginning of fiscal year 2019, accounting standards for revenue recognition was adopted. The timing for recording of precision processing equipment sales has been changed to when the equipment is accepted by the customer. The non-consolidated net sales for the first half of the fiscal year based on the new accounting standards were JPY 57,410 million, which is equivalent to 99.6% of the most recent estimate for non-consolidated net sales for the first half (net sales of JPY 57,600 million).

Due to the change in accounting standards, it will be difficult to compare the current sales with the sales of the previous year. Thus, the amount of shipments equivalent to the amount of sales calculated with the previous accounting base is reported below.
Quarterly Non-Consolidated Shipment Figures for Fiscal Year 2019
(Millions of yen)
1Q 2Q 1H 3Q 4Q 2H Full Year
Fiscal Year 2019 27,926 26,908 54,834
(Reference) Fiscal Year 2018 34,591 34,474 69,066 28,929 26,495 55,424 124,490
YoY % Change (19.3%) (21.9%) (20.6%)
QoQ % Change 5.4% (3.6%)

Non-consolidated net shipment amount for second quarter was JPY 26,908 million (YoY:21.9% decline, QoQ:3.6% decline).
Although precision processing equipment shipments for Q2 were low for blade dicing saws for use in semiconductor mass production, they remained firm for grinders for various applications.
As for consumables, precision processing tool shipments increased from Q1 at a relatively high level due to the seasonal increase in the customer facility operation rate.
Based on these results, the shipment volume in the first half was JPY 54,834 million (YoY: 20.6% decline).

The official financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2019 will be reported to the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 24, 2019.

Purpose of the Preliminary Report
DISCO Corporation (the Company) makes preliminary reports on non-consolidated sales, earnings results, and consolidated sales as soon as they are tabulated. The preliminary reports are intended to deliver real time information on the financial results of our company to investors. The above preliminary report of sales is based on certain information available to the Company at the time of announcement, and actual operating results may differ from the preliminary report due to various factors.

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