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Laser Dicing Solutions


Ablation process and stealth dicing.
DISCO proposes the method most suitable for your needs.

Ablation process
This method focuses laser energy onto a minute area for a very short time, thereby subliming and evaporating the solid.
Features Ablation process
  • Almost no thermal damage to the workpiece
  • Non-contact process with less impact or load (damageless)
  • Usable for hard workpieces that are normally difficult to process
  • Enables narrow street width of under 10 µm
The ablation provides three types of processes – grooving, full cut, and scribing – by adjusting the laser depth.

1. Grooving
  • Method that forms two narrow grooves in the dicing street, removes only the film formed on the pattern, and conducts full cut dicing between them using the laser. This enables reduction of chipping and delamination as well as improves throughput.
  • Most suitable for low-k film, aluminum nitride (AlN), and alumina ceramics.
  • Usable for hard workpieces that are normally difficult to process.
  • For details of grooving, click here.
2. Full Cut
  • Method that irradiates the laser onto the upper surface (patterned surface) of a thin wafer whose thickness is below 200 µm for one to several times to cut into the tape, thereby conducting full cutting of the wafer. This enables increasing the feed speed so that throughput can be improved.
  • Most suitable for silicon and gallium arsenide (GaAs).
  • For details of full cut, click here.
3. Scribing
  • Method that forms a narrow groove in the dicing street and then separates the die using external stress, such as breaking.
  • Most suitable for sapphire.

Stealth dicing
Dicing method that focus the laser into a workpiece, thereby forming a modified layer inside, and conducts die separation using tape expansion.
Features Stealth dicing
  • Dry process requiring no cleaning: effective for water-sensitive devices.
  • Enables narrowing the kerf width to the utmost limit (kerfless) that realizes substantial street reduction.
  • Prevents process dust due to modification of workpiece inside.
  • Suitable for sapphire, MEMS, silicon (Si), DAF, glass, and lithium tantalate (LT).
Laser Dicing Solutions

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