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March 13, 2015

Introducing the DAD3660, a dual spindle automatic dicing saw*1 with support for workpieces as large as 360 mm x 360mm

DISCO Corporation (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed the DAD3660. The DAD3660 is a new facing dual spindle automatic dicer with support for workpieces as large as 360 mm x 360 mm. This product will be on display at SEMICON China 2015 in Shanghai (March 17 – 19).

Development background
Led by the continuing proliferation of smartphones and other electronic devices, the demand for semiconductors continues to grow. To satisfy this demand, production processes are also growing in variety.
For example, increasingly large substrates are being used with the goal of reducing costs for wafer level packages*2. On the other hand, there is a strong need for multiply mounted package substrates to improve throughput for LED applications. Similarly, the substrate sizes for hard and brittle materials, which are used as cover glass or optical filters for image sensors, continue to grow, with demand for improved throughput.
The DAD3660 is a dicing saw which was designed to meet these varied needs.
Product characteristics
  • Support for large workpieces (maximum size of 360 mm x 360 mm)
    - Standard support for ø300 mm workpieces
  • Support for multiply mounted workpieces for package substrates and other applications.
    - Throughput improvement through a reduction in workpiece replacement time
    - Reduction in dicing tape costs
    ◆Comparison of frames for multiply mounted workpieces
  • Improved throughput
    - Equipped with dual spindles
    •  Throughput improved by 90% (Compared to the existing DAD3350, which is a single axis dicer with ø300 mm wafer support as a user-specified specification)
    ◆Throughput comparison for ø300 mm wafers
    Comparison conditions
    Cut speed: 50 mm/s, cut index: 4 mm x 4 mm, workpiece replacement time: 10 seconds, alignment time: 20 seconds.
    Note: The above value was calculated via a simulation and not a guaranteed result under all conditions.
    - Improved speed for X, Y, and Z-axis
    • Maximum X-axis return speed: 1,000 mm/s (1.6x faster than the existing DAD3350)
    ◆Maximum processing axis return speed comparison (mm/s)
  • Realizes stable processing quality
    - With the inclusion of a sub-chuck table (option), dicing blade dress*3 can be performed during processing
    • Support for full size dresser boards (75 mm × 75 mm)
    - Support for the 2.2 kW high torque spindle
    • For stable dicing of glass, ceramics, and other hard and brittle materials.

Scheduled for March 2015 release

*1: Automatic dicing saw
Automatic dicing saws only perform the cutting sequence automatically. Workpiece setting and cut position alignment must be performed manually. Cleaning functionality must be provided by a separate unit.
*2: Wafer level package
A packaging process where the wiring process is performed on the wafer before dicing (singulation).
*3: Dress
If the abrasive grit experiences glazing during processing, the processing quality will be significantly reduced. When this occurs, it is necessary to expose new grit by dicing a dedicated board (dicing board) during processing.
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