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First Ultra-compact Deionized Water Recycling Unit DWR1710 Installed at Customer Site

Semiconductor equipment manufacturing company DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya), announces the first installation of DWR1710 (an ultra-compact deionized water recycling unit for dicing saws) at a customer’s site. DWR1710 has more specialized functions for recycling deionized water compared to the existing multifunctional units and is a compact unit with a small footprint of 0.31 m2 by achieving further miniaturization. Expanding the product range of the DWR series enables us to provide and establish deionized water recycling systems based on the customer’s needs, such as their manufacturing facilities and their volume of production.

In addition to wastewater from processing silicon wafers, the DWR series can also recycle wastewater from processing compound semiconductors, ceramics, and glass wafers. The customer who installed the first DWR1710 installed the unit together with a manual dicing saw for the purpose of cutting ceramics, and manufactures electronic components with saved space inside the clean room without industrial drainage piping. In addition, pipe cleaning and dicing saw maintenance operations were frequently needed since the customer used only a filtration apparatus and therefore manufactured their products by recycling water that was not deionized. However, the maintenance frequency is minimized and the downtime of the manufacturing facilities is reduced by recycling deionized water with DWR1710.

Development Background

Since 2008, DISCO has developed and installed the DWR series which make zero waste water a reality, with more than 30 installations (at the time of this press release). However, customers’ needs for cutting water supply and waste water processing facilities have grown increasingly diverse, such as the conditions of the customer’s existing facilities, capacity of the processing area, amount of deionized water needed for processing, necessity of water temperature adjustment, and installation costs. Thus, we needed to expand the product range of not only our precision machines such as our dicing saws and grinders, but also the DWR series, and create an environment in which customers can make the best choices.

Features of DWR1710
● Specialized for recycling deionized water
The standard functions have been trimmed down to only recycle deionized water, filtrate, and discharge floating substances to achieve miniaturization and low costs. Some of the functions of existing units are available as optional functions.
● Most suitable for manual dicing saws with small water use
The cutting water pumping capacity is 10 L/min, supporting up to two or three DISCO manual dicing saws*1
*1 : Depends on the amount of deionized water used. When the necessary amount for processing is less than 10 L/min, DWR1710 can support DISCO fully automatic dicing saws.
● Small footprint
By trimming down the functions, the footprint of DWR1710 is reduced by 57% compared to DWR1722, and the manufacturing space can be streamlined.
● Ion exchange resin unit specialized for DWR1710 D-ion®*2
*2 : Registered trademark No. 5848425
A lightweight ion exchange resin unit with a high-performance ion exchange resin encapsulated inside a specialized container can be used with DWR1710. The container is made of resin and can be treated as industrial waste. Conventional ion exchange resin units can also be used.
Footprint compared to existing unit
Footprint compared to existing unit

Comparison of DWR Series Specifications

DWR1710 DWR1722
Deionized water recycling
processing amount
10 L/min 25 L/min
Resistivity after processing 12~18 MΩ·㎝
Number of dicing saws
to be handled*1
Manual dicing saw: 2 to 3 Manual dicing saws: 4
Fully automatic dicing saws: 2
Water temperature adjustment Optional function
(Installed separately)
Standard function
Spindle cooling water
cooling function
Optional function
(Installed separately)
Standard function
TOC*3 N/A Optional function
Waste squeeze pump N/A Optional function
Communication function
with dicing saws
N/A Optional function
Particle counter N/A Optional function
Dimensions (WxDxH) 780 x 400 x 1,450 mm 450 x 1,402 x 1,656 mm
Weight Approx. 200 kg Approx. 450 kg
*3 : Abbreviation of "Total Organic Carbon", showing the amount of organic substances contained in water.
Common Features of DWR series

"Advantage of using DWR: x10"  Note: Details are introduced advantages over a 10-part series.

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