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November 21, 2016

Simultaneous Development of Two Semi-Automatic Dicing Saws

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku in Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya), semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, has simultaneously developed two equipment models, DAD3221 and DAD3231, which accept ø6 inch workpieces. These models will soon be released into the market. The DAD3221 has achieved world’s smallest footprint*1 as a standard model semi-automatic dicing saw*2 for ø6 inch workpieces. The DAD3231 accepts ø6 inch workpieces as the standard and is designed with the concept of function expandability. This equipment is able to accept workpieces up to a maximum size of ø8 inch (optional specification) and a die size of 210 x 210 mm (user-specified specification) by creating extra space in the equipment layout. Both models will be exhibited for the first time at SEMICON Japan 2016 (December 14 – 16 at Tokyo Big Sight).

Development Background
Recently, with the high-functionality of smartphones for emerging countries and the evolution of car electronics, the demand for electronics and optical components is increasing. To meet these demands, DISCO provided the existing equipment models, DAD3220 and DAD3230, mainly for manufacturers in Japan, Europe, and the US, which feature both R&D and mass production processes.

However, in recent years, the diversification of cutting-process needs in improving the efficiency of production, improving cutting speed, and developing new devices was becoming an issue. The newly developed equipment models, DAD3221 and DAD3231, are dicing saws which widely support these issues.
Product Features
【Common features in both DAD3221 and DAD3231】
  • Support ø6 inch workpieces as the standard
  • Small footprint (compared to existing equipment)
  • Improved axis speed and internal communication speed
    - Processing time 5% shorter compared to existing equipment
  • Image recognition functions, such as auto alignment, auto focus, and auto kerf check, are installed as standard specifications
    - Stable dicing for difficult-to-cut materials and thick workpieces, including glass or ceramics, is enabled
    - High rotation 1.8 kW spindle can be installed (optional specification)
  • High color rendering LED is adopted for the microscope light source
    -  Improved response speed when adjusting the light intensity
    - Saves energy compared to conventional halogen lamps

【Measurement Condition】
Processing workpiece ø6 inch silicon wafer
Cut speed 100 mm/sec
Index 5 mm (ch1 & ch2)
Alignment operation is included. These values are the results calculated by trial equipment and DISCO does not guarantee the results under all condition.
  • World’s smallest footprint*1 (W490 x D870 mm)
  • Supports ø8 inch workpieces (optional specification)
  • Supports workpieces with a die size of 210 x 210 mm (user-specified specification)
Sales Start Timing

April 2017

*1: Investigated internally (at the time this press release was issued)
*2: A semi-automatic dicing saw is a dicing saw in which the operator sets the workpiece and performs alignment to recognize the cutting position manually. The cleaning function is a separate unit.

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