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Development of fully automatic polisher which supports CMP of difficult-to-process materials including sapphire

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku in Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya), semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, has developed DFP8141, a fully-automatic polisher which supports CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) of difficult-to-process materials including sapphire, SiC, LT, and LN. DFP8141 will be on display at SEMICON Japan 2016 (December 14 - 16 at Tokyo Big Sight).

Development Background
The high-intensity LED market (in which growth is expected) requires a polishing process for device performance improvement after the backside grinding of the sapphire substrate on which the semiconductor device has been formed. With the increase in demand for saving energy, the need to polish SiC for power devices (for which demand is growing), LT (LiTaO3) for SAW filters, and LN (LiNbO3) has been increasing. To respond to this need, DISCO has developed DFP8141, a fully-automatic single-spindle polisher which supports CMP for difficult-to-process small-diameter materials. DFP8141 offers processing solutions which were not available through DISCO’s lineup until now.
Product Features
  • A fully-automatic specification which completes CMP processing cassette-to-cassette. DFP8141 comes equipped with a cleaning station and performs wafer cleaning and drying after processing automatically.
  • As well as the standard fully-automatic specification, the design of DFP8141 allows for various types of specifications, including the semi-automatic specification which has no transfer section, and the in-line specification for seamless processing with the DFG8830 grinder for difficult-to-process materials.
  • The transfer system accepts three types of workpiece configurations: single wafer transfer, substrate transfer, and frame transfer.
  • Single spindle with two chuck tables, single wafer processing
  • Supported wafer size: ø8 inches or smaller
  • On display at SEMICON Japan 2016, December 14 – 16 (Tokyo Big Sight)
  • Test cut period:
Currently accepting
  • Start of sales:
First half of 2017
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