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Product Information

Automatic Cleaning System

The spinner unit cleans semiconductor wafers, glass, ceramics, and a wide variety of other workpieces. Appropriate for use with automatic dicing saws and other machines that lack a cleaning function, the unit offers cleaning with water, rinsing with user-specified chemicals (option), and drying.

DCS1440 Catalog
DCS1441 Catalog
DCS1460 Catalog
Maximum workpiece ø8"/250mm square ø8" ø300mm/310mm square
Supported frames DTF2-5, DTF2-6, DTF2-6-1, DTF2-8-1, DTF2-5-1* 2-8-1 DTF2-8-1, DTF2-12, DTF2-12-1, (DTF2-5, DTF2-5-1, DTF2-6, DTF2-6-1)*
Cleaning methods High-pressure cleaning specification, Atomizing cleaning nozzle specification*
Table roating speed range
100 - 3,000
Spinner discharge pressure (MPa) 2.0 - 11.8
Machine dimensions (WxDxH)
400 x 600 x 1,220
(excludes lamp tower and touch panel)
400 x 600 x 1,380 500 x 650 x 1,220
(excludes lamp tower and touch panel)
Machine weight (kg) About 130 (with transformer for overseas use: About 164) About 150 (with transformer for overseas use: About 184)
Features Various washing functions such as registering the washing sequence and optional washing nozzles can be selected. In addition, these models are designed to be environmentally-friendly in accordance with green procurement and RoHS.
* Option specification
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