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Product Information

Product for Dicing Before Grinding (DBG) Process

For more information about DBG, please click here.

The DBG process separates large wafers into exceptionally high-quality die while minimizing backside chipping, wafer handling, and wafer breakage.

The DBG in-line system comprises the following machines:
  • Half-cut dicing saw
  • Protective tape laminator
  • DBG grinder
  • DBG mounter (manufactured by Lintec Corporation)
Half-cut dicing saw
Designed especially for DBG, the half-cut dicing saw features tape-free wafer handling and high-precision grooving with extremely low depth variation. The half-cut dicing saw can also operate as a standard tape-based dicer when special adjustments are made.

Applicable Models: DFD6361

DBG grinder
DBG-specification grinders have several special features for transporting and grinding grooved wafers: notch-detection software, settable chuck table resting point, and all-wafer vacuum transport. After grinding, the robot arm transfers the wafer to the DBG mounter.

Applicable Models: All DISCO grinders
DBG In-line System

DBG mounter
The DBG In-line System performs grooving, die separation, dicing frame mounting, and protective tape peeling in one smooth process using a special DISCO DBG grinder and Lintec Corporation-made DBG mounter. The DBG mounter transfers the separated die to a dicing frame and gently and safely removes the protective grinding tape.

Applicable Models: DFM2800

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