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DBG (Dicing Before Grinding) Process

Grinding 300 mm wafers to ultra-thin tolerances is a challenge for device manufacturers, owing to both breakage of the thinned wafers during transport and the backside chipping that occurs during dicing. DBG was created to solve these and other problems while offering customers finished die of the highest possible quality.

Outline of DBG Process
DBG reverses the usual process of fully dicing the wafer after grinding. In DBG, first the wafer is half-cut with a special dicing saw. Then, die singulation occurs when the wafer is thinned below the level of this cut. The wafer then goes to the in-line DBG Mounter, which gently peels off the protective grinding tape, completing the process.
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Because in DBG thinned wafers are never transported, wafer-level breakage is greatly reduced; and because die separation occurs during the grinding process, the backside chipping associated with thin-wafer dicing is kept to a minimum. DBG also offers exceptionally high die strength. For these reasons, DBG is an excellent process for processing 300 mm wafers into high-quality, ultra-thin die.
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