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Training Course
The equipment model I use is not included in the equipment course list. What should I do?
  Please contact the DISCO affiliate office or agent in your area. We are happy to consider other options for the training.
Training Application
To whom should I inquire about the training application?
Please contact the DISCO affiliate office or agent in your area with inquiries.
Training hours / Location
Where does the training take place at?
The training takes place at the head office of DISCO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan).
Where is Training Center and how do I get there?
Please refer to "How to get to the Training Center"
Due to the flight schedules, we need to leave earlier on the last day.
Considering the content, goal and the pace of the training, we will try to meet your needs as much as we can. Please contact us in advance.
What to bring and wear / Lunch
What shall I bring for the training?
Please bring your writing tools.(Pens, markers and sticky notes may be useful)
What is the dress code for training?
Casual clothes is fine. Please refrain from the followings for safety reasons: Short pants, Sandals, High heels, Skirts.
Is lunch provided?
Yes, lunch is provided (a Japanese lunch box). If you are allergic to a particular ingredient or can not take particular foods due to religious reasons, please contact us in advance.
May I take photos during the training?
Photo taking during the training is permitted only for training courses held for one customer.
Please take photos of the equipment and whiteboard only.

Photo taking may not be permitted depending on the equipment used for the training.
Please use your own camera, smartphone, or other devices.
Video recording nor voice recording is not permitted.
Please do not take photos of trainers or other trainees.
Please understand that trainer may ask you to stop taking photos in regards to the progress of the training.
Training Manual
How will I get the training manuals?
Trainee will use a tablet PC during the training to refer to the training manual PDF data.
After the training, the trainee can keep the CD containing this training manual data.
Please read more here.
Is it possible to buy just the training manual without joining the training?
Sorry, we can not comply with this request. The training includes 90% of the time in hands-on practice and the manual is to explain the steps for that hand-on practice. You will master the skill by having both the manuals and hand-on practice together. Thus we do not sell only the training manual.
Can I get the training manual in advance?
We are sorry, but we can not provide the manual in advance.
Customer Support

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