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Product Information

Water Temperature Control Units

These units provide both spindle coolant and wheel coolant at a stable temperature and pressure. The stable temperature helps prevent expansion, contraction, and other undesirable phenomena that can affect process quality.

  DTU152 DTU1531 DTU162
DTU162 Catalog
Coolant water Spindle coolant circulating method Spindle coolant circulating method Spindle coolant circulating method
Cutting water Wheel coolant flushing method Wheel coolant flushing method Wheel coolant circulating method
refrigerant Employs environmentally friendly R407C for refrigerant that has ZERO Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
Applicable models Dicing saw
Dicing saw
Features DTU152 provides excellent temperature control in support of dicing process quality. The LCD touch panel allows for easy operation and displays alarm history and real-time temperature data. Designed to match the layout of DFD6361 in terms of maintenance space and size, DTU1530 offers excellent temperature control and a low machine footprint. By circulating used wheel coolant and precipitating and filtering water-borne debris, DTU162 significantly reduces water consumption and environmental impact. In addition, the unit employs long filters for fewer changes.
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