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Applications Example

Solution for Reducing the Pickup Force of Die with die attach film (DAF)
When performing a full cut on wafers with DAF, an "anchor effect" occurs where the DAF bites into the dicing tape due to the load during cutting. This applies excessive force during pickup and can cause the die to break. DISCO's solution to this issue is to apply a half cut to the DAF and then use the DDS2300 fully automatic die separator to separate die., a A cool expansion system is used in the DDS2300 to lower the DAF temperature to make it brittle for die separation, and by doing so, eliminate the anchor effect. This reduces the force required for pickup and results in less die breakage and pickup errors.

Process Example
Using a DAF half cut and the DDS2300 for separation enables pickup of DAF die at 1 N or less.
(Graph 1)

Pickup Force Comparison
Graph 1: Comparison of pickup force for separation by DAF half cut + DDS2300
and for separation by DAF full cut

The optimum DAF separation method varies depending on the DAF type. If you are having problems with DAF processing, please feel free to consult with DISCO. We will provide you with the optimum DAF processing solution from our vast knowledge based on experience in wafer processing.


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