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Applications Example

SiC High Quality Processing
We have introduced high quality processing of SiC using the GS08 series which was just released at the end of last year. SiC wafers are used for blue and white LED substrates. With the advantages of high-speed operation, low power loss, high withstand voltage and high-temperature operation, SiC has been recently expected to be used for power and RF devices. However, SiC is a very hard material and it is an extremely difficult-to-grind material compared to Si which is a general semiconductor wafer material. Using our GS08 series, high quality SiC processing will be possible which is just as good as Si processing.

Process Example
- High quality grinding of a hard-to-grind SiC wafer
A SiC wafer which was previously difficult to grind can be processed with a high quality equivalent to silicon processing.
- Finishing grinding is possible with only one-axis grinding.
In silicon wafer grinding, it is common to perform rough grinding using the first axis and finishing grinding using the second axis. The GS08 series developed this time can perform finishing grinding using the first axis only.
- 4 pieces of 2-inch wafers can be ground at the same time.
- Grinding with backgrinding (BG) protection tape is possible.
Ground Surface Roughness
This is the surface roughness of the wafer outer edge after grinding φ3" SiC wafer. High quality grinding is possible which is almost equivalent to silicon grinding.
After backgrinding
Photo 1: Ground wafer surface
Photo 2: Wheel


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