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DISCO Corporate History

From small abrasives shop to precision machine manufacturer
In 1937, DISCO Corporation was born as Dai-ichi Seitosho Co., Ltd. in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Within just three years the company was branching out, proactively tracking emerging technologies and customer needs from a new base in the Kanda district of Tokyo while creating the most advanced abrasive tools of the era. DISCO's abrasive wheels were used to create precision electricity meters for individual homes as well as to cut fine slits in fountain pens nibs. The company soon became known as the first to consult about the latest abrasive technologies.

Gradual advances led eventually to DISCO's greatest achievements: the design and manufacture of advanced abrasive tools and precision machines for the semiconductor and electronics industries. Today, DISCO's goal remains the same as that of its founders: to be the first company customers turn to for any Kiru, Kezuru, or Migaku need.

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