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Corporate Outline

DISCO's Trouble Support

Sharing of Information and DISCO's Support

Should any problem occur in DISCO's products, we have established a system to swiftly investigate and resolve the problems. However, the quality of the information provided to us is most important for accurate problem solving. We ask for your support in sharing and providing the required information. We will do our best to quickly resolve problems using the full support of the entire organization; however, in the event that the necessary information is not shared with us, we will only be able to support the problem to the extent of the information that has been shared.

Expenses for Problem Solving

In the event that DISCO is responsible for a failure in a DISCO product, DISCO will repair the product free of charge, provided the product was being used in the intended manner and is still within the warranty period. For the warranty conditions, please see the "Policy for Process Support" on the DISCO website. Furthermore, the expenses incurred in investigating the cause of the failure may be charged to the customer, regardless of whether the product is within the warranty period or not, in any of the following circumstances:

  • The information required to resolve the problem is not swiftly shared or provided to the necessary extent
  • The customer has not performed the required investigations to the necessary extent to resolve the problem
  • The shared information differs from the facts
  • Changes or additions are made at a later date to the problem to be resolved

Problem Solving System

DISCO's unique problem solving system consists of four steps.

  1. Trouble Shooting

    The solutions for anticipated problems when using DISCO products are available on our website.

    Precision Processing Equipment

    Precision Processing Tools

  2. Streamlined Trouble Information Tracking System

    The Trouble Tracking System (TTS) is DISCO's unique global system. The information registered in TTS is shared with the entire DISCO Group in an instant. A cross-organizational problem solving team then utilizes the data collected from around the world in order to swiftly and accurately resolve the problem. The amount of time that has passed since the trouble occurred is tracked by the system, and any delayed cases are automatically raised for discussion in the Trouble Committee.

  3. Trouble Committee

    Trouble Committee is held once a month and is used to discuss activities to quickly resolve problems and the policies in supporting problems. The committee is attended by the CEO and the managers of the relevant departments (e.g. engineering, sales and quality assurance). The discussions are lively and cover not only technical solutions, but also systemic and organizational improvements for recurrence prevention and pre-emptive prevention.

  4. Information on Product Improvements

    DISCO shares useful information on improvements to DISCO products in the "Technical Newsletters". Information on free-of-charge repairs to DISCO equipment currently in use is available on the "Equipment Improvement Information" page. You can enter the serial number and M-Code found on the equipment nameplate to check whether repairs are being offered for your equipment.

    Technical Newsletter

    Equipment Improvement Information