Policy for Process Support

DISCO Corporation (hereinafter “DISCO”) as an entire company is dedicated to the early resolution of any problems that may occur in the products sold or provided by DISCO, regardless of whether or not the product is still within the warranty period. Expenses incurred in solving problems are compensated in accordance with “DISCO’s Guarantee Policy for Customers Using DISCO Products” in the DISCO website (https://www.disco.co.jp/eg/lg/policy.html).

However, support for problems applicable to any of the following conditions shall be provided as a chargeable service:

  • support for quality specifications and standards that have not been agreed to with DISCO in the specification sheet or in writing;
  • support for stricter control of specifications and standards which have already been agreed to with DISCO in the specification sheet or in writing (e.g. further screening of products that already satisfy the specifications);
  • support resulting from processing using processing conditions other than those recommended by DISCO (the content provided in test cut reports);
  • support resulting from inadequate implementation of the maintenance stated in the instruction manuals provided by DISCO (including inspection);
  • support resulting from not performing the necessary replacement of parts with a fixed lifespan, consumables, parts that have worn and/or aged, etc.;
  • support resulting from differences in function or performance between different equipment models, product types, etc.;
  • support resulting from changes or fluctuations in the customer’s processing environment (water, air, temperature, etc.);
  • support resulting from variation in the quality characteristics of the customer’s product (warpage, thickness, etc.);
  • support resulting from functions or performance not stated in the specification sheet of the DISCO product

In addition, support for problems arising from processes that use a DISCO product(s) in combination with another company’s product(s) (e.g. equipment, processing tools, functional protective film, and additives) will be provided for a fee of JPY 50,000 per hour.
However, in the event that DISCO is requested to provide support from the stage of identifying the problem, a quote will be provided at the normal rate.

Furthermore, in the event that the problem is objectively proven as being the result of circumstances that are the responsibility of DISCO (e.g. initial defects, design defects, inability to meet the specifications, obvious in-completion of procedures, and obvious infringement of the instructions provided by the customer), the fees shall be refunded.