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Customer Support

Trouble Shooting and FAQs for DISCO Equipment

We have provided answers to various questions that may arise when using DISCO equipment, and the proper measures when you feel that a problem has occurred.

The equipment freezes during startup.
System initialization cannot be performed.
The power suddenly shuts off.
An "Axis unrecoverable error" is detected and the axis does not
An error for the chuck table (C/T) workpiece vacuum has occurred.
There are irregular cut marks on the stainless steel section
of the chuck table (C/T) outer edge
A workpiece drops off without being held during transfer.
The workpiece was contaminated with impurities.
A spindle continuity error frequently occurs.
The spindle does not normally rotate.
You hear an abnormal noise from the spindle.
Water leakage occurred.
Cut deviation has occurred.
Shallow/deep process cutting has occurred.
Irregular chipping has occurred.
An error occurred and is indicating that an irregularity in the blade
was detected.
Can I use device data copied to a USB flash drive by loading it onto
another equipment?
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