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Safety Data Sheet

SDS is the abbreviation for the Material Safety Data Sheet. In order to safely use the product or chemical substances, it is designed to provide information concerning product hazard, procedures for handling, storing, first aid, transport and disposal. (Unless stated otherwise, SDS are in accordance with the Japanese Environmental Law only.)

Available SDS
We have made available the SDS for dicing blades and grinding wheels (and related products) which are installed on DISCO's dicing saws and grinders.

SDS Reading Room
Please select the precision diamond product for which you wish to examine the SDS.
If your desired (or special characteristic) product is not listed, please consult your DISCO representative.

Dicing Blade
ZH05 Series ZHCR Series ZHFX Series ZHZZ Series
NBC-ZH Series Z09 Series Z05 Series ZP07 Series
NBC-Z Series B1A Series P1A Series P08 Series
G1A Series R07 Series VT07 Series VT12 Series
A1A Series K1A Series
Grinding Wheel
IF Series GF01 Series GF06 RS Series
Dry Polishing
DP Series DP08 Series Gettering DP DPSA Series
Cutting Water Additives for Dicing
StayClean-F StayClean-R StayClean–A

Customer Support

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