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Customer Support

Useful Improvement Information (Technical News Letter)

This page provides information regarding recent improvements made to DISCO equipment to ensure long-term optimal use by our customers.
September 23, 2020 Notification regarding HogoMax103-10/-15 5 L Container Material Change tnl2020-0011e
August 31, 2020 Notice Regarding Change to Laser Saw Microscope Light Source and Camera tnl2020-0007e
August 7, 2020 Inspection Sheet for StayClean-F and StayClean-R Manufacturing Date and Expiration Date tnl2020-0009e
June 23, 2020 Request about Handling of Air Clean Unit Regulator tnl2020-0006e
April 20, 2020 6000/3000 series Change of the PC to Be Installed in the Machine tnl2020-0004e
April 7, 2020 The OS of the PC to Be Installed in the Machine Changes to Windows 10 tnl2020-0003e
March 16, 2020 Request to Switch to New Laser Oscillator Part Numbers Due to Supply of Refurbished Parts for Old Laser Oscillator Part Numbers Being Discontinued tnl2020-0002e
February 14, 2020 Changing the Polyurethane Tubes Used Inside Machines tnl2019-0019e
January 7, 2020 Ensuring Periodic Cleaning is Performed for DFL7161 Using Protective Film Solution (HogoMax) tnl2019-0018e
December 17, 2019 6000/600 Series For 300 mm Wafers Production Discontinuation of UV Lamps tnl2019-0017e
November 6, 2019 Partial Change to HogoMax103 Product Label and GHS Label for Each Country and Change to Bilingual GHS Label for Taiwan tnl2019-0016e
October 18, 2019 DFS8910/DAS8920/DAS8930 Maintenance Manual Request for Correction of Errors in the Part Numbers of the Air Filter tnl2019-0013e
October 2, 2019 Notification of Revision on Taiwanese GHS Label for HogoMax103 tnl2019-0012e
August 9, 2019 Notification of Change in HogoMax103-10 20 L Containers tnl2019-0011e
August 2, 2019 DFG8540, 8560/DFP8140, 8160 Request for Periodic Replacement. Brush/Leveling Stone (T2 Pad Washing Unit [Optional Accessory]) tnl2019-0008e
June 21, 2019 Request for Periodic Replacement of Shock Absorbers (3 Years) tnl2019-0007e
April 11, 2019 Change in Color of Filter (Periodic Replacement Part) Installed in Air Unit tnl2019-0002e
April 10, 2019 To Customers for Whom the Water Supply Pressure Exceeds the Value Indicated in the Standard Specification Sheet tnl2019-0003e
March 12, 2019 Request to switch to successor product due to discontinued production of Type-A laser oscillator and end of refurbished product service – Notification of partial change – tnl2019-0005e
HogoMax002/003 SDS/GHS Label Revision for Taiwan and Singapore tnl2019-0004e
February 20, 2019 Request to Switch to Successor Product Due to Type-A Laser Oscillator Production Being Discontinued and Refurbished Products No Longer Being Supplied tnl2018-0007e
January 16, 2019 Notice Regarding Change of DDS2300 Ionizer tnl2018-0020e
December 25, 2018 Change of the Light Source of the Microscope Lighting for the Dicing Saw tnl2018-0023e
November 27, 2018 Change of the Amplifiers for the Blade Breakage Detector and Non-contact Setup Sensor of a Dicing Saw tnl2018-0021e
September 5, 2018 Information about Pad in Transfer Arm 2 Section
September 3, 2018 Terminology Revisions in Inspection and Specification Sheets for Precision Processing Tools tnl2018-0018e
August 31, 2018 DFG8340 Maintenance Manual Request for Correction of Errors in the Part Number for the Seal Unit tnl2018-0015e
August 31, 2018 DFG8540/DFS8960 Maintenance Manual Request for Correction of Errors in the Part Numbers for the Robot Picks tnl2018-0014e
August 29, 2018 In Order to Prevent Machine Problems tnl2018-0017e
August 1, 2018 Request for Periodic Replacement of Protecting Glass Retaining Washer tnl2018-0008e
June 25, 2018 6000/600 Series: Caution regarding the Use of the UV Lamp tnl2018-0012e
June 18, 2018 Change in the Retaining Screws for the Safety Switch Key tnl2018-0011e
June 1, 2018 Ultrasonic-wave Dicing Unit: Change of USW Mount and Securing Bolt tnl2018-0005e
May 23, 2018 DFM2800: Presentation of Static-Reducing Frame for Wafer ID Reader tnl2018-0006e
March 23, 2018 Notification Regarding the Universal German SDS and GHS Label Revision for 5-liter and 20-liter HogoMax002 tnl2018-0003e
March 14, 2018 6000/600 Series: Production Discontinuation of Some UV Lamps tnl2018-0002e
December 20, 2017 DFG8340 Installation Diagram Leg Loads: Error Correction Request tnl2017-0015e
December 15, 2017 Change to Status Indicator for Certain Machines tnl2017-0016e
December 6, 2017 Regarding Application to Stabilize Polishing Rate in a Short Time After S Pad Pad Replacement tnl2017-0014e
October 17, 2017 Risk of Water Backflow into Air Pipe tnl2017-0011e
August 17, 2017 Notification Regarding Addition of Safety Label Concerning Accumulated Matter inside Duct (DFL7000 Series) tnl2017-0009e
July 25, 2017 In Order to Use the Machine Safely and for a Long Time tnl2017-0010e
April 24, 2017 DFD6040/DFD6240/DFD6340/DFD6341/DFD6450 Notice Regarding Chuck Table Material Modification tnl2017-0006e
April 17, 2017 Please Have Lubrication Operation Performed by Personnel with Appropriate Expertise tnl2017-0005e
January 13, 2017 6000 Series Installation Manual Request to Correct Errors regarding N2 Supply Pressure tnl2017-0001e
DAD322/DAD3220/DAD3230/DAD3430/DAD3350 Announcement of the Maintenance Parts tnl2016-0030e
December 6, 2016 Request to Perform Periodic Maintenance on Models That Use Protective Film Solution tnl2016-0031e
October 31, 2016 DFG8340, 8540, 8560/DGP8760/DFP Series/DTG Series Request for Periodic Replacement [Leaf Spring of Chuck Table Washing Unit] tnl2016-0029e
August 25, 2016 Software Problem Occurring on Some Serial Numbers of DAD3350 tnl2016-0024e
August 3, 2016 To customers who attended our dicing saw training course “Tier 3 (or Maintenance 2)”
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July 22, 2016 Change of the Touch Panel tnl2016-0022e
June 23, 2016 DFD6340 EAD specification, DFD6750 Information on Torque for PE Wire Retaining Screws of Power Cable tnl2016-0018e
DFD6000 series (except the DFD6340 EAD specification and DFD6750) Information on Torque for PE Wire Retaining Screws of Power Cable tnl2016-0017e
DFD6362 Machine Directive (CE Marking) Specification Instruction Manual Request to Correct Errors Regarding Cover Configuration and Safety Switch Position tnl2016-0016e
DFD6361 Half-cut Specification Machine Directive (CE Marking) Specification Instruction Manual Request to Correct Errors Regarding Cover Configuration and Safety Switch Position tnl2016-0015e
DFD6361 Machine Directive (CE Marking) Specification Instruction Manual Request to Correct Errors Regarding Cover Configuration and Safety Switch Position tnl2016-0014e
June 2, 2016 Change the Load Sensor Installed in the DGP8761 tnl2016-0013e
May 23, 2016 Information about the functions added to DAD3220/DAD3230/DAD3350/DAD3430 tnl2016-0011e
March 22, 2016 Countermeasure Parts against the Problem that the Flowmeter Knob Comes Off tnl2016-0002e
March 11, 2016 Regarding Countermeasure for Problem of Not Being Able to Execute Fully Automatic Operation with 8000 Series tnl2016-0009e
March 1, 2016 Change of the Laser Oscillators tnl2016-0001e
February 16, 2016 Procedure for Handling the Spinner Table tnl2016-0005e
December 17, 2015 Change of the PC to Be Installed in the Machine tnl2015-0020e
November 19, 2015 To the customer who uses a machine with the precut board specification installed tnl2015-0019e
October 23, 2015 Please Do Not Continue Forcibly Turning Flowmeter Knob to the Right tnl2015-0018e
Change of the PC to Be Installed in the Machine tnl2015-0017e
September 25, 2015 Problem of Oil Adhesion to the Top Surface of the Chuck Table tnl2015-0015e
September 4, 2015 DFL7361 Error Correction Requirement in Installation Manual tnl2015-0014e
August 28, 2015 DAG810/8000 series: Request for Annual Replacement of the Contact of the Height Gauge tnl2015-0012e
July 8, 2015 Change in Some Raw Materials of StayClean A tnl2015-0010e
June 5, 2015 Caution When Using Protective Films Other than HogoMax tnl2015-0008e
May 18, 2015 The OS of the PC Mounted on the Machine Changes to Windows 7 tnl2015-0007e
February 16, 2015 Request for Periodic Replacement of Flow Rate Controllers tnl2015-0004e
February 12, 2015 Request for Periodic Replacement of Surge Absorber tnl2015-0002e
January 23, 2015 Ultrasonic Dicing Unit: Change to New US Mount Part Number tnl2014-0019e
October 1, 2014 Change of the Inverter of the Spindle Rotation Motor tnl2014-0015e
September 16, 2014 Design Change of the Z3-axis Processing Point Temperature Sensor [Optional Accessory] of the DGP8761 (Dry Polish Specification) Due to Production Stop tnl2014-0014e
August 29, 2014 The Machine May Malfunction Due to LED Lights at Your Plant tnl2014-0013e
April 7, 2014 Slurry delivery unit slurry pipe line periodical flushing inquiry tnl2014-0004e
February 21, 2014 Cautions in Using the DFM2800 tnl2014-0002e
February 14, 2014 Polishing Residue Collector Instruction Manual: Error Correction tnl2014-0003e
January 30, 2014 8000/800 Series: Cautions as to Air Cut Amounts tnl2013-0021e
January 20, 2014 Regarding barcode change for the label for HogoMax002 and 003 tnl2014-0001e
November 5, 2013 To Customers Using a Machine Which Is the Property of DISCO tnl2013-0015e
October 11, 2013 Notice of Change of Uninterruptible Power Supply for DFL7160 tnl2013-0016e
July 22, 2013 DGP8761 Series Error Correction in Maintenance Manual tnl2013-0011e
July 8, 2013 Request for Periodical Replacement of Spindle Cooling Water and Chuck Table Motor Cooling Water tnl2013-0012e
June 21, 2013 For Customers Who Use Any Lubricant Other Than DISCO’s StayClean tnl2013-0010e
April 8, 2013 Notification of Change in the Procedure for Cleaning the Tube tnl2013-0005e
March 6, 2013 8000 series / DFM2700 Why the Robot’s Battery Low Error Occurs tnl2013-0001e
December 17, 2012 Be Careful about Counterfeit DISCO Grease Product tnl2012-0020e
October 19, 2012 Change of the carbon brush replacement procedure in DAD3350 Maintenance Manual tnl2012-0012e
June 15, 2012 DGP8761 Series - Correction the procedure regarding the direction of the water cooling chuck table tnl2012-0008e
February 29, 2012 Caution when Using the Slit Blades tnl2011-0030e
April 15, 2011 Reminder of Regular Inspection for Piping and Wiring tnl2010-0018e
November 30, 2010 Corrective Action for the Problem of the Swollen Braided Hose tnl2010-0014e
November 12, 2010 Request for Checking the Equipment Exhaust Duct Flow Rate tnl2010-0013e
Request for Installing a Filter to the Connecting Port of the Cutting Water Line tnl2010-0012e
September 8, 2010 Dicing Saws − Notification of Change of Replacement Interval of the Spindle Carbon Brush When Using N2 Gas as a Substitute for Clean Air tnl2010-0009e
August 23, 2010 Procedure for Replacing the Spinner Table (300 mm) tnl2010-0007e
June 2, 2005 New conditions and chips for conditioning tnl2005-0006e
If you have any questions or comments on this matter, please contact your DISCO sales representative or service staff.
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