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2012- Embodying a new vision of the future

TOP 2004-2011
Company History Product History
Completion of construction of the new building for manufacture of precision processing tools at the Kure plant.
Established a service office in the Philippines.
Receives Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award.
Became the first Japanese company to earn certification under the ISO 22301:20121 Business Continuity Management System Standard.
Developed a deionized water recycling unit for dicing saws and a silicon sludge separation and deionized water recycling unit for grinders with a recycling rate of over 99%.
Selected for the FTSE4Good Global Index for ten consecutive years.
Developed the DFL7361, stealth dicing laser saw, for ø300 mm wafers with support for various processes.
Transfer of all owned shares in consolidated subsidiary company TECNISCO LTD..
DISCO laser saw shipments exceed 1000.
Developed the DAD323, the world’s smallest footprint automatic dicing saw with expanded functionality.
Developed DPEG-MZ, a gettering DP wheel to improve die strength.
Developed ZH14 series hub blades for stable processing under high load conditions.
Developed the DCS1441, an automatic cleaning unit with enhanced cleaning performance.
Introducing the DWR1722, a DI water recycling unit with high customizability, and StayClean-R, a cutting water additive which can be used in conjunction with the DWR series.
Completed the new building at the Kuwabata Plant.
Implementation of a free-choice work location system.
Developed the DAD3660, a dual spindle automatic dicing saw with support for workpieces as large as 360 mm x 360mm.
Developed a unique laser-lift off optimal for high brightness vertical structured LED manufacturing.

In February 2015, construction was completed on the new building at DISCO's largest manufacturing affiliate, Kuwabata Plant (Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture). The official name of the new building is "B Zone, A Building, Kuwabata Plant." The building serves as a structure for housing large equipment, and is the same size as A Building. Around the same time, road construction around the plant progressed, allowing the Kuwabata Plant to be seen from places that were previously inaccessable. Seeing the tall mountains and the eight story Kuwabata Plant, far removed from inner Kure City, is truly breathtaking.

In March, one month after the completion of the new building, the "Higashihiroshima, Kure Expressway" was fully opened, connecting the Sanyo Expressway and the Aga region near DISCO's Kure Plant. An interchange for the expressway was also built just next to Kuwabata Plant. The expressway can now be used for the majority of the trip when travelling from Hiroshima Airport to the Kuwabata Plant and Kure Plant. Easier access to the plants for both DISCO employees and for customers visiting the plants from within Japan and from overseas is long-awaited good news for DISCO.

TOP 2004-2011


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