Be Cautious of Spam and Fraudulent Emails Pretending to be DISCO or a DISCO Employee

DISCO has confirmed that spoofing emails written in English pretending to be DISCO or a DISCO employee were sent to multiple people.
The title of these emails is “Memorandum of Understanding,” and a memorandum (PDF file) requesting your signature is attached to the email. However, these emails were neither created nor sent by DISCO.

These spoofing emails were sent through multiple domains. We have confirmed that one of these domains was “,” but this domain does not belong to DISCO. In addition, when you access this domain, it takes you to DISCO’s official website, but this was not set by DISCO.

Please note that these emails do not have any connection to DISCO whatsoever.

Those who received these spoofed emails and contacted DISCO regarding the contents were corporations and individuals who have no transactions or business with DISCO. No information leakage from DISCO regarding client or supplier information has been confirmed.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.