New Building Construction at Haneda R&D Center

DISCO Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya), has made a decision to build a new building at the Haneda R&D Center (Higashi Kojiya, Ota-ku). Construction will begin in April 2025 and is scheduled for completion at the end of March 2027.
With the construction of the new building, DISCO aims to further enhance its R&D functions, enabling it to respond to the future needs of the semiconductor and electronic component markets.

haneda R&D

Background of New Building Construction

The existing buildings, which were acquired in March 2022, were originally designed and built by a previous owner for training flight crews and as a data center. As these buildings have a relatively large amount of floor space with high load-bearing capacity, they were put into use as a development site upon the fitting of utilities such as water supply, drainage, and compressed air. However, with the recent increase in development, DISCO has decided to construct a new building with an increased amount of floor space suitable for development. This new building will be constructed such that it can be expanded if more floor space for development becomes necessary.

Two of the seven existing buildings will be demolished to make room for the new building. The five remaining buildings will continue to be used with the purpose of R&D, as well as enhancing DISCO’s production system during periods of high demand.

Overview of the New Building at Haneda R&D Center

Structure Steel frame reinforced concrete, seismic isolation, 8 stories
Total floor space Approx. 22,300 m²
Construction site area Approx. 4,500 m²
Construction start April 2025
End of March 2027
Total investment Approx. JPY 12.8 B (Includes demolition costs. Full amount self-financed)
*The impact on consolidated sales for FY23 will be minimal.

Overview of Haneda R&D Center (Overall)

Name Haneda R&D Center, DISCO Corporation
Operation starts April 1, 2022
Main purpose R&D for precision processing equipment, blades and wheels, and peripheral products/technologies
Address 7-56 Higashikojiya 6-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Site area 32,321.89 m²
Total floor space(estimate) Approx. 60,500 m² (Total of new building and 5 existing buildings)

DISCO is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer that provides precision processing equipment, including dicing saws and grinders, and precision processing tools (blades and wheels) used for manufacturing semiconductors and electronic components. In addition to these products, as a result of pursuing optimal processing results for customers through the provision of the technology used with the equipment and tools, DISCO products and processing technologies have been widely adopted by device manufacturers and semiconductor subcontractors both domestically and internationally. For details, please visit the DISCO website at


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