DAG811: Development of an Automatic Grinder with
Improved Usability and a Space-saving Footprint

DISCO Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya), has developed DAG811, which has improved usability and a space-saving footprint, as the successor to DAG810, an automatic grinder that has responded to a wide range of needs and has been well received for many years.
This equipment will be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2023 (December 13-15, Tokyo Big Site).

Development Background

Since its release in 2002, DAG810 has been used for R&D and semi-mass production in a wide range of fields such as semiconductors, electronic components, and optical components. In response to the increasing demand related to applications, DAG811 was developed upon renewing the equipment specifications such as improving the operability and making it compact.
By optimizing the processing point, this equipment also meets the grinding needs of compound semiconductors such as SiC and GaN used in power devices, for which demands are increasing.


Improved Usability

  • Easier wheel replacement with an optimized internal layout
  • Enlarged monitor size from 10.4 inches (existing model) to 15 inches
    ・A new GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been adopted for improved operability

Space-saving Design

  • Footprint reduced by over 12% compared to the existing model
    ・With a footprint of approx. 0.9m², it is one of the world's smallest 1 spindle, 1 chuck table grinders (compatible with Φ8-inch wafers)

Supports a Wide Range of Grinding Demands

  • Supports two types of grinding methods, in-feed grinding and creep-feed grinding
    Easy switching between the methods using the touch panel
  • Achieves good grinding results for compound semiconductors as well due to optimization of the processing point

About DISCO Corporation
DISCO is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer that provides precision processing equipment, including dicing saws and grinders, and precision processing tools (blades and wheels) used for manufacturing semiconductors and electrical components. In addition to these products, as a result of pursuing optimal processing results for customers through the provision of the technology used in the equipment and tools, DISCO products and processing technologies have been widely adopted by device manufacturers and semiconductor subcontractors domestically and internationally. For details, please view the DISCO website www.disco.co.jp.


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