Establishment of Nagano Works Chino Plant

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya), a semiconductor processing equipment manufacturer, has decided to establish a new office, Nagano Works Chino Plant (Toyohira, Chino-city, Nagano), aimed at enhancing the company’s production capacity. For this reason, DISCO will hire an additional 550 new employees.

Purpose of Establishment

The range of semiconductor applications, including those in the IoT, automotive, and medical fields, are continuously expanding, and the need for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is expected to increase in the future. In order to meet this demand, DISCO urgently needs to build a manufacturing facility and hire more employees. Expansion work is currently being done on the manufacturing building at Hiroshima Works Kuwabata Plant (Kure-city, Hiroshima). However, this expansion is primarily for meeting customer needs for precision processing tools1, and the manufacturing space for semiconductor equipment will be limited in the future. Furthermore, DISCO’s manufacturing is focused in two plants, the Kuwabata Plant and the Kure Plant, located in Kure-city, Hiroshima. Even though countermeasures such as seismically isolated structures have been implemented, it is necessary to diversify risks for the purpose of BCM2. In response to these issues, DISCO has decided to establish Nagano Works Chino Plant.

1 Precision processing tools: Consumables (blades, abrasive wheels, etc.) attached to equipment to perform cutting, grinding, and polishing.
2 Business Continuity Management

Overview of Nagano Works Chino Plant

  • Building: Current DISCO Chino Plant (used by Daiichi Components, a subsidiary of DISCO, for product manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing: Certain types of manual dicing saws (to be expanded in the future)
    The company’s manual dicing saw production capacity is expected to increase by 1.5 times3.
  • Products for DISCO, such as critical and peripheral parts and equipment manufactured by Daiichi Components, will be manufactured in DISCO Nagano Works Chino Plant from now on.
  • Additionally, DISCO will hire 550 new employees
  • Expected opening date: April 1, 2018

3 Calculated by floor area


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