DFD6561: Newly Developed Small-Footprint, Fully-Automatic Dicing Saw which Supports Φ300 mm Wafers

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President Kazuma Sekiya) has developed DFD6561: a fully-automatic dicing saw which supports Φ300 mm wafers. This equipment will be exhibited in SEMICON Japan 2017 held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 13 to 15.

Development Background

In the production of logic and memory which are installed in many electronic devices such as smartphones and servers, Φ300 mm silicon wafers are used, and demand is likely to increase in the future, especially in Asia. In the mass production factories of the semiconductor back-end process, in order to line-up many Φ300 mm fully-automatic dicing saws, space-saving measures are required. Thus, DISCO started to sell DFD6560 in 2012 to support these needs. This time, we conducted minor changes to DFD6560 for the purpose of further increasing productivity and processing quality.



Features Inherited from DFD 6560

  • Small footprint
    • Footprint 16% smaller compared to the conventional DFD6362
  • Space-saving layout
    • Allows access from the front side of the equipment during blade replacement and even regular maintenance
    • Eliminates the side-maintenance area and enables parallel placement in a minimal space

New Features of DFD6561

  • Adopts a new high-rigidity spindle and achieves even higher processing stability
  • Adopts a newly developed non-contact setup which measures the blade wear amount with high accuracy at high speed
  • Controls the synchronization of the dicing axes (X, Y, and Z)
    Measures the height of the chuck table which will retain the wafer beforehand and controls the blade cut depth with high accuracy (user-specified)
Maintenance Area Comparison
Maintenance Area Comparison


December 2017 Exhibited in SEMICON Japan 2017
October 2018 Start of sales


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