DFG8640, Fully Automatic Grinder Compatible with Φ8-inch wafers, achieves high precision processing of difficult-to-grind materials

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed DFG8640, a fully automatic grinder compatible with Φ8-inch wafers and able to grind a wide variety of materials, including Si (silicon), LiTaO3 (LT/lithium tantalate), LiNbO3 (LN/lithium niobate), and SiC (silicon carbide). DFG8640 will be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2018 (held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 12 to 14.)

Developmental Background (Market Needs)

  • Thinning of Devices
    Wafer level thinning and grinding aimed at low height semiconductor memory and logic memory are essential for high functionality and high space efficiency of final products based on electronic components.
  • Device Performance Improvement
    The gap between target thickness and actual thickness, as well as wafer thickness variation after grinding, may affect the characteristics of products such as power devices and some sensors. Thus, a grinder capable of high precision processing was necessary.
  • High Precision Grinding of Difficult-to-Grind Materials
    The demand for SAW devices, which are used in mobile communication devices including smartphones, continues to expand. LT and LN, which are the materials for those devices, are difficult to grind, and high precision processing is required.

DFG8640 fulfills these needs and achieves a small footprint and further productivity improvement.

GUI home screen

Features of DFG8640

High precision grinding

  • Optimizing the processing point layout reduces thickness variation for both individual wafers and between wafers
  • Mechanisms achieve high precision grinding
    • A new spindle with high rigidity, low vibration, and less rotation speed fluctuation was developed.
    • A new small chuck table axis with high rigidity, low vibration, low heat expansion, and less rotation speed fluctuation was developed.
    • The driving resolution of the axis, which moves the spindle up and down, was improved.

High throughput

  • By reducing the cleaning mechanism operation time and redesigning the transferring arm, more than 1.2 times as many wafers as DFG8540 can be transferred.

Small Footprint

  • Footprint is reduced approx. 13% compared to DFG8540

Usability Improvement

  • Wheel replacement operability improved due to the new equipment layout made with considerations for accessibility
  • New GUI (graphical user interface) which achieves intuitive operation such as swiping

Compatible wafer size: Max. Φ8 inches


Exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2018 December 12 – 14 (Tokyo Big Sight)
Test cuts Now accepting requests
Equipment release January 2019


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.