Ductless Drainless Dicing Saw
through Installation of a Deionized Water Recycling Unit

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has developed a dicing saw which can be used in facilities without ducts or drainage by including a D. I. water production and recycling function. This equipment will be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2018 as a concept model.


  • D. I. water production and recycling unit
    This dicing saw includes built-in filtration, D. I. water production (ion exchange), and water temperature adjustment functions. Thus, it can be installed in facilities without a D. I. water production system.
  • No ducts required
    Ducts are required on the facility side in processes using a dicing saw to exhaust scattered cutting water used for cutting particle removal and processing point cooling. This equipment gathers mist generated during processing in the tank using the built-in duct fan and recycles it. Thus, facility side ducts are unnecessary.
  • No drainage facilities required
    This dicing saw recycles processing water by deionizing and purifying it inside the equipment, making drainage facilities unnecessary.
  • Equipment layout which does not depend on factory facilities
    Because ducts and drainage facilities are not required, the length of piping for each machine and cable rooting restrictions are reduced. Thus, this machine has a more flexible layout than conventional dicing saws. Moreover, additional construction for ducts and drainage facilities are not required, even when more dicing saws are installed.


December 2018 Exhibited as a reference at SEMICON Japan 2018
Summer 2020 Equipment release


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