Completion of Building Construction at Kuwabata Plant (Zone C, A-Building)

DISCO Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya), has completed construction of a new building (Zone C, A-Building) with a seismically isolated structure at Kuwabata Plant (Kure City, Hiroshima), where precision processing equipment*1 and tools*2 are manufactured. The floor space in the existing building (Zones A and B, A-Building) has been expanded as a result of this construction, and the production space will be increased approx. 1.5 times.

Purpose of Zone C Construction in A-Building, Kuwabata Plant

Enhancement of Precision Processing Tool Production System and BCM*3 Support

The semiconductor and electronic component markets are expected to continue expanding in the future based on the development of IoT, AI, self-driving technologies, and installation of multiple cameras on smartphones. Demands for DISCO’s precision processing equipment and tools are also expected to increase accordingly. DISCO has two production sites, Kuwabata Plant and Kure Plant, in Kure City, Hiroshima. Precision processing equipment and precision processing tools are mainly produced in Kuwabata Plant and Kure Plant, respectively. By allocating a part of the production space in Zone B, Kuwabata Plant, for which construction was completed in January 2015, for precision processing tools, a second production site was established to improve BCM support. Moreover, by making Zone C in A-Building, Kuwabata Plant, for which construction was completed in January 2019, a production space for precision processing tools, DISCO will achieve further enhancement of the production system and BCM support, as well as more effective production through the promotion of automation.

*1 Precision processing equipment: Equipment used for cutting, grinding, and polishing silicon wafers, etc.
*2 Precision processing tool: Tools mounted on precision processing equipment which performs the cutting, grinding, and polishing. These are consumables and must be replaced frequently.
*3 BCM: Business Continuity Management

Overview of Zone C in A-Building, Kuwabata Plant

Name Zone C in A-Building, Kuwabata Plant
Structure Seismically isolated structure
Total floor space Approx. 65,900 m²(Existing building: Approx. 128,500 m²)
Total Investment Approx. JPY 13.8 billion
Construction start February 2017
Construction completion January 31, 2019
Operation start February 2019

Future Plan (Extension of Zone D)

In order to respond to expected future increases in demand, Zone D will be constructed in A-Building of Kuwabata Plant, following the completion of Zone C.

Name Zone D in A-Building, Kuwabata Plant
Structure Seismically isolated structure
Total floor space Approx. 67,900m²
Total Investment Approx. JPY 14 billion
Construction Period September 2019 – August 2021

Reference: Decision for Further Expansion of Kuwabata Plant in Order to Enhance Production System of Precision Processing Tools (News Release, October 25, 2017)

* The total floor space has been updated. (May 16, 2019)


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